First Real Day in Cape Town

Even though I arrived on my birthday, my main goal, after getting a glass of South African wine, some food and listening to some music, was to get a decent's night sleep. I got around 6 hours of sleep during the time one should generally be sleeping, so I was happy.

The day after, on Saturday, February 24, 2018, I spent some time getting acquainted with the swanky little suburb of Cape Town where I'm staying, Sea Point. The teacher college is here, so that's why I'm here. I'm staying in Mini Mojo apartments. The Mojo Hotel runs this place and I think everyone here is an English language student or teacher candidate like me. The apartment is fine. I have a single room and share a bathroom with a couple of young ladies from Brazil. There's a nice kitchen, bathroom, and living room. I wish the floors were cleaner and I've made a request that they put some attention to that tomorrow when housekeeping gets here. Also, all the noisy African birds live outside my bedroom window, so I'm going to see if I can switch rooms tomorrow to the front of the apartment. Then I'll have the road noise, but that quiets down after awhile, but the birds go at it all night. And yes, this is with ear plugs.

I walked up and down main road in Sea Point. There is so much here! I'd say it's a cross between La Jolla and an English high street. Cute shops, coffee shops, fancy grocery stores, homewares, coffee shops, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, surf stores, thrift stores and coffee shops. The nicest/coolest place by far is Woolworths. It's like Marks and Spencer's in the UK. Clothes, home goods, and a grocery like Whole Foods all in one.

In order to get comfortable and productive, I decided I needed a reading light in my simple room and perhaps a better pillow. Stuff like that. That took me all day and 18,000 steps to accomplish.

I'm just a block away from the Atlantic Ocean. It's beautiful, but you can't swim there because of the rocky beach, the crazy huge kelp beds and dangerous waves. They have these neat heated sea water pools that are open to the public. I can't wait to try them out. Otherwise, all pools in Cape Town are empty, as they are in a MAJOR DRAUGHT. DayZero is coming, when they will be turning off the water to homes. I hope I'm gone by then!

I found I could still get WiFi just outside the apartment and so called for an Uber to V&A Waterfront and it was wonderful. There was a huge, huge mall, music, the Robben Island Museum (that's where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years) and a ferris wheel. You might be thinking V&A is Victoria and Albert. But it's Victoria and Alfred. Alfred was Victoria's second son, who did some ceremonial Navy things here in Cape Town so they named it after him and his mom.

I came back to the apartment and finished this challenging pre-course assignment that needed to be done by tomorrow. Then I got some sleep. Still not enough, but almost.

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