The Big Red Sightseeing Bus

I debated about going to see penguins today, but decided that was too much of a commitment for day two. I still needed a pillow.

So I took the Red Line through the city center or Central Business District (CBD) and saw Long Street with it's old buildings, now housing the usual bars and touristy restaurants. Then we drove up to Table Mountain National Park. Because of wind, the cable cars were not running. Ironically, wind is a partial reason I did not go to see the penguins. Sigh...

So I had a good look around, but wasn't ready or prepared to hike up to the top for 2 hours. So I'll get to the top of that another time.

Back on the bus, we went by the beautiful beach towns and back to Sea Point. I got off and had some lunch, bought my pillow, and changed clothes at home, because it was getting hot.

I retraced my steps and got on the Blue Line. This route went around the back side of Table Mountain, by some of the derelict townships and Houts Bay.

It was a beautiful ride.

Next time I'll stop at the gardens and monkey zoo.

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