District 6 Museum

Today was the first kind of bad weather day I've had here, which is ironic because I believe that every single day I was teaching, it was absolutely stunning - warm and sunny, but I was trapped indoors. Now I'm free and it has started to rain. Sigh... At least it perks up for tomorrow. And I would be delighted if because it rained, someone turned on a sink in a public bathroom so we could all actually wash our hands after using the restroom.

So I was already meeting two friends today, for which the weather didn't matter, so I decided to see the District 6 Museum.

It was moving and still, after all this time since apartheid, pretty shocking. District Six was a residential area of Cape Town for many decades and housed people of many ethnicities. In the 1960s, the apartheid regime decided it was going to be a "whites only area" and forcibly removed over 60,000 residents and moved them out of the city and into slum/township housing. You can't make this stuff up, folks.

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