Not So Hot Springs and Wet Sheets!

We woke up today at the hot springs resort Ai-Ais. We managed to get a solid 7 hours of sleep, which was a huge relief. But this was after we dried out sheets on the balcony. Our room, which was nice enough, had a towel swan on the bed when we came in. You know how housekeeping sometimes creates sculptures out of the towels? It was like that, but they had used a wet towel and consequently our bedding was really wet. Weird.

We ate breakfast at the buffet in the hotel and this meant not only did we have a hot and fresh variety of food, our crew got to eat without preparing our food either.

We pulled away at 7:15 am and the sun was still coming up.

This was the day we first started to see game from the truck. We saw kudu, ostrich, oryx and our first zebra! It was a mountain zebra and he was running away from us. We also saw giraffe on a farm, which means at some point they would be sold as bush meat in a grocery store.

Then we stopped at the charming Canon Roadhouse with old cars and trucks inside and out. They had really fun old signs on the walls. We bought beautiful stamps for our postcards.

The stars at night are incredible. The milky Way is plainly visible. The sky is so dark and the stars and planets are so shiny. The stars shine brightly even a the edge of the horizon.

Along our drive we saw a game viewing train called the Shongololo - the millipede train.

We literally drove all day to get to our next resort called Namib Naukluft Lodge Soft Camping Adventure. We were having our welcome drink and briefing in the lobby at 6:15 pm.

Our rooms were set off from the lobby/restaurant/pool area so Almon drove us up to them in Chuck. Some people walked up to the rooms and we all rushed out to take photos of the sun setting. Mattias ran off for a jog, scattering the hundreds of Springbok in front of our rooms.

We had dinner at the restaurant. Most people at oryx goulash and Jen and I had fish.

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