Chobe National Park

We had a night in Nata, Botswana which was very pleasant. Our little cottage had a view of the bush complete with springbok, a bathtub and an outdoor shower! It was awesome. The pool and restaurant were delightful and we actually had an afternoon to relax and take advantage of the amentities.

The next day we were on our way to Chobe National Park, one of the best in Africa. We drove a little ways, ate lunch at the truck and were transferred to 4x4 vehicles. Then we drove into the park. The parks in Botswana have no fences so the wildlife is free to go anywhere they want. To keep us safe, our entire hotel compound (hotel, restaurant, campsite, and swimming pool - still underwater from the adjacent river) was enclosed in a fence and electric wire.

The park was just chock full of animals and we had a great day. We saw elephants, giraffes, kudu, cape buffalo, impala (lion snacks), warthogs, giant lizards, crocodiles AND LIONS. We went directly from the game drive to the Chobe River cruise. The guys met us so we had our cooler filled with yummy drinks.

The Chobe River was very full and we saw cape buffalo and hippos, plus all the many birds we had already seen. This was another sundowner and the sunset was incredible. One side of the river was the panhandle of Namibia, so even though we had left Namibia days before, we were back, in a way. (Looking at a map here might be helpful!)

We met people on the boat that were just started the tour but from Vic Falls to Cape Town. We were almost beside ourselves because we thought they would just be ruined by the time they got to the end with the boring part of Namibia left to come. They were raving about how much they liked everything so far. We thought the end of the trip (their beginning) was the best part of the trip, BY FAR.

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