Cape Town, Part 2

We had a lovely 2 hour flight back to Cape Town. We got a good meal despite being on a smaller jet!

We saw a pan and lots of wide open country below us. We could tell we when we were flying over South Africa. There was just a marked change in how much infrastructure there was there: paved roads, complete-looking farms with a range of buildings with proper roofs, and power lines. As we landed at Cape Town International Airport, we got a good look at the township. It's disgraceful that a country like SA can't get those people in some sort of proper housing.

We took taxi to our beautiful hotel, The Southern Sun. We ubered to the the Galloways and said hello. We walked the boardwalk one last time and went to an early dinner at Primmi. We returned to the Galloways and took our suitcases back to the hotel.

The next day we managed to get to the top of Table Mountain on the cable car. The view was excellent, but it was freezing up there!

We did some more shopping at Green Market and I got the last treatment in my knees at Christiaan Barnard Hospital. I bought a large duffel bag to help get everything home.

We had another nice night there, enjoying the best buffet breakfast I've ever had. They were baking croissants fresh in a rotating glass oven.

Our flight home to Dulles was 33 hours long. Some little kids cried for hours and hours.

When we got home, I rented a car and drove to Pittsburgh to move Charlotte out of her dorm. Mission accomplished.

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