The Inka people really had it going on and as a warning, please note that the following contains images of ancient erotic art.

I've been planning to hike the Inka Trail into Machu Picchu for as long as I can remember. I think I heard about the hike 30 years ago. Last year, I got a permit to hike and even though I was still pretty worn out from my Africa trip, I decided to get back in shape and take the trip.

I flew from LAX directly to Lima. I had heard that Lima was mostly forgettable and it was. It was also supposed to be rather unsafe and it looked like it. Except for a few walks around my hotel in Miraflores, I took Ubers and taxis everywhere.

It was almost winter when I got there and every minute I spent in Lima was very foggy and grey. It didn't strike me as a very pretty place. It seemed like a decent place to live with modern buildings, roads and shopping. Outside of Miraflores, the housing was pretty basic. (Factfullness level 2 and 3).

I arrived at 2 am and when I got up in the morning, I walked to the Inka Market and bought nothing. Most everything looked like the same stuff I had seen and purchased in Argentina last fall. I walked to the beach and the Lorcamar Mall. I ate some sushi for lunch and Ubered to Barranca. It was totally overrated. I walked back to a department store and bought a flat iron. I ate dinner in the Marriott Hotel next to my own hotel and went to bed.

After a workout and a slow start, I visited three museums. I loved the Larco Museum with Inka treasures. They had such an amazingly huge collection. I ate lunch there in their fancy restaurant. I Ubered through some really rough-looking neighborhoods and got to MALI, the main national art museum of Peru. It was very nicely done and had great art. Finally, I Ubered back to Barranca to see MATE, the photographs of Mario Teriso. It was fantastic.

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