Steamy Hot Helsinki

I arrived in Helsinki in a heat wave. The locals seemed completely delighted with the warm weather and kept jumping into the Baltic Sea. For travelers like me, this is a little harder to handle since because I wanted to see the sights, and usually this doesn't involve jumping into the water. At least I was on the Baltic Sea and took several boat rides with a cool breeze in my hair.

It was shockingly hot here. No one was prepared for the heat. I had a delicious buffet breakfast included with the room. They had salad and homemade blueberry syrup along with lots of other good stuff.

I walked to the train station and bought a Museum Pass. I wandered around, then saw the Ateneum Museum of Art, which was very good. Then I wandered around again and found the hop on hop off bus, but it was so hot just waiting for it, then riding it, that when I got to the harbor, I jumped on the ferry to the fortress island and walked all around it. I liked the artist studios and the beaches the best.

Back in Helsinki, I saw the market at the port and again waited for the bus, which never came. Later I saw it was after 4pm and they had stopped running. So I again got on a boat to do the archipelago and canal tour. That was outstanding and so beautiful. So many folks were out swimming at the beaches to stay cool. Kids took turns jumping off the docks in succession to show off their flips and dives.

I walked through the mall, mostly to find a bathroom, then had dinner and a beer in the lobby of my hotel.

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