Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is a two-hour ferry ride across the Bay of Finland from Helsinki. It was a charming place, though I suspect it's better when it's not 100F.

To get to the ferry, which I had booked online ahead of time, I took the streetcar like a local, to the port and boarded the ship. I was so happy I had paid extra for the Comfort Class. Food and drink were included! What a savings. Plus, compared to the main area of the ship, there were no kids running around, the seating was luxurious, and the views from the front of the ship were extraordinary.

It was the same story with the heat in Tallinn as in Helsinki. It was a very nice place but almost too hot to do more than the basics of the old town. Plus, I had tummy trouble. I ate a nice lunch in the shade and plodded my way back to the ship early. The trip back was nice though the Baltic was a bit rougher than in the morning. I was completely revived by the a/c and the food on the ship.

I had a beer and delicious vegan soup for dinner in the hotel's lobby/bar/restaurant.

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